The Ventura Cup


Ventura Cup played on 12/10/2022, 12/11/2022


This year's match was completed on December 11th in some tough weather. After being down 5 points after Saturday's round, the Olivas team fought back to within 1/2 point of tying and keeping the trophy. Thanks to all who participated and finished their rounds in tough conditions. Let's come back next year and win it!


The Ventura Cup is an annual competition between the Olivas Links and Buenaventura Men’s Clubs for an impressive and highly coveted trophy cup. The competition is played in Ryder Cup format over 2 days – a Saturday and Sunday in early December. 


The first day starts out with nine-hole matches for each 2-Man team: Alternate Shot and Best Ball for a point on each game. The second day consists of 18-hole Singles matches for a point earned by each head-to-head match. Participation includes a commemorative hat and a great dinner after the conclusion of the second day’s matches. Matches are scheduled for 10:33am at each course on Saturday and 9:24am at Olivas on Sunday so we can all meet there to watch the last couple groups finish and see the results in the Buena Grill.


Each Men’s Club fields a 16 player team. Spots are earned in both clubs based on Gross and Net Club Champions, the 8 top points leaders in each club’s home tournaments, and captains picks to make the matches as even as possible.  Both clubs complete their Leader Boards after Club Championships and September events each year and that starts the process of forming teams by the respective team captains.


In order to provide a more fun and fair competition, the Captains for each club met and came up with revised guidelines. Starting in 2016, we will play all matches at scratch (no handicap strokes) between each pair of competitive players. Handicaps are calculated using the 3 month low index. The pairings will be made with this in mind, ensuring opponents are within 2 strokes of each other with their handicaps. Earning spots on teams still starts with Club Champs and eight top money leaders. The remaining picks by the captains will be based on Leader Board position and handicap index to maintain the 2 stroke differential.


Ventura Cup History

2013: Buena 18 points; Olivas 14 points – Cup to Buenaventura Men’s Club

2014: Buena 19 points; Olivas 13 points – Cup to Buenaventura Men’s Club

2015: Buena 19.5 points; Olivas 12.5 points – Cup to Buenaventura Men’s Club

2016: Buena 18.5 points; Olivas 13.5 points - Cup to Buenaventura Men's Club
2017: Olivas 16.5 points; Buena 15.5 points - Cup to Olivas Links Men's Club
2018: Olivas 18 points; Buena 14 points - Cup to Olivas Links Men's Club

2019: Buena 17 points; Olivas 15 points - Cup to Buenaventura Men's Club

2020: Olivas 18 points; Buena 14 points - Cup to Olivas Links Men's Club

2021: Olivas 18 points; Buena 14 points - Cup to Olivas Links Men's Club

2022: Buena 16.5 points; Olivas 15.5 points - Cup to Buenaventura Men's Club